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5 Haunted Places You Can Visit On Tour Posted on the

5 Haunted Places You Can Visit On Tour

Haunted Scotland


Scotland is a country full of mystery and wonder. Many tales and myths have been passed down over the centuries but ghost stories are particularly common. What adds to this is the amount of sightings of some of these "ghosts" and it seems that nearly every

Events from Scottish and British History that inspired Game of Thrones Posted on the

Events from Scottish and British History that inspired Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones and Scottish/British History



Game of Thrones is based on the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series of books written by George R. R. Martin with the first of book of the series published in 1996. Fast forward

The Reintroduction of the Lynx to Scotland Posted on the

The Reintroduction of the Lynx to Scotland

The return of the lynx to Scotland.


The lynx


The lynx is considered a "medium sized" wild cat. There are 4 main species of lynx; Eurasian, Canadian, Liberian and Bobcat, the smallest being the Canadian and the largest being the Eurasian. The lynx is very solitary and is rarely seen

Bollywood in Scotland Posted on the

Bollywood in Scotland

Bollywood film makers have used Scotland as the stage for scenes in many Bollywood films. The romantic atmosphere of Scotland’s beautiful cities, castles and lochs compliment the music and the themes of the films and provide the perfect backdrop.

Duglad Stewart Monument overlooking a sunny Edinburgh

Top 5 Things To Do In Scotland This Summer! Posted on the

Top 5 Things To Do In Scotland This Summer!

The summer is one of the best times to experience Scotland, with so many events on there is so much to see and do. Whether you’re coming on tour with us or just visiting Scotland you should try to include some of them in your trip! Below are our top 5 events taking place over July and August!

Edinburgh International Jazz and Blues Festival (14th

Eggcellent Easter Ideas! Posted on the

Eggcellent Easter Ideas!

The Easter Holidays are nearly here and you may be looking for last minute things to do to keep you, and perhaps the kids, entertained! So sit back and relax; we’ve got some great ideas for you whether you want to pop out on tour with us, or keep it local in and around Edinburgh and Glasgow. You’ll soon find out that hatching a plan for Easter isn’t as difficult as you might

Where is Outlander filmed in Scotland? Posted on the

Where is Outlander filmed in Scotland?

Where is Outlander filmed in Scotland? Our new tour answers your questions!

Since the TV show debuted in 2014, Outlander, already a highly successful series of books by Diana Gabaldon, has become a global phenomenon. Creating a loyal and devoted following of viewers and readers worldwide and has helped to cement Scotland as a wonderful holiday destination.

This didn’t go

Scottish Birds of Prey Posted on the

Scottish Birds of Prey

Scotland is a country rich with stunning scenery and remarkable wildlife, over the next few blog posts we are going to showcase some of the bird species that you have the possibility of spotting when on tour with us. Below is a list of the various birds of prey that are known to be in the Scottish Highlands, and we have handily pointed out which tour you stand the best chance of seeing them

Timberbush help clean the beach! Posted on the

Timberbush help clean the beach!

Did you know the amount of rubbish on British beaches has more than doubled in the last 20 years? So this September, our Marketing and Private Hire departments took part in the Great British Beach Clean-Up at Cramond Beach, Edinburgh, organised by the Marine Conservation Society (MSC). The Marine Conservation Society work to ensure our marine wildlife are healthy and our seas are free from

Passenger Experiences Posted on the

Passenger Experiences

We are happy to share a guest blog by Anette John, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, which details her experiences of taking the one day Loch Ness, Glencoe and the Highlands tour with us. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a wonderful piece and it’s great to

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