7 things you should pack for your Highland Bus Tour

Blog 27 Sep 2021

Thinking of taking an Edinburgh tour this Autumn? Wondering what you might need to bring for the Scottish Highlands, what the weather might be like, what a traveller like yourself should wear? You're in the right place - our top tips for packing for your Edinburgh tour is a great way to get the most out of your full-day trip.

1. Bring a Waterproof Jacket!

Scottish Weather isn't exactly predictable, and we get plenty of our customers asking, "What will the weather be like for my Edinburgh tour?" You could bring an umbrella with you, but we would recommend a waterproof jacket. You want both hands free to take photos of the Highlands, castles and lochs, rather than worrying about your brolly! And lets face it, with the Scottish wind, your umbrella will probably be blown down the Royal Mile anyway!

2. Comfortable walking shoes

It might sound obvious, but you'd be surprised how many keen travellers we have on our Edinburgh tours that are wearing inappropriate clothing; for example high heeled shoes or pristine white trainers. If you don't want your shoes to get a little muddy, then please don't wear them! Your Edinburgh tour will not be journeying off road, but Glencoe, the Scottish Highlands and Loch Ness don't have pristine paths either. If in doubt, bring your comfy trainers rather than your brand new Nikes!

3. A camera

We absolutely guarantee at one point in your Edinburgh bus tour, you will say, “WOW”. The Highlands are beautiful, and you really don’t want to miss out on sharing your experience with your friends and family. Remember to bring your camera with you so you can take that iconic photo!

4. Don’t forget your charger!

Our coaches are modern vehicles, which means we have USB charging ports at every seat. Don’t get caught short by taking too my photos and wasting your battery – you can charge as you travel!

5. A smart phone

Many Scottish businesses, including ourselves, are now using QR codes for various things. Restaurants and bars use these for their menus, bus companies can use these for their timetables, but we use them for written translations (if you need them) and reviews! It’s our top tip in the coming months!

6. A face covering

Whilst other countries may have relaxed their laws on facial coverings, in Scotland they’re still mandatory. If you are exempt from wearing a face covering, please get in touch with our Reservations Team to inform them of this.

7. Water

Sounds like an odd thing to include, but on your bus tour, especially in warmer months, you can feel a little hot. Bring your water bottle; our tap water is perfectly fine to drink, and you can stay hydrated while you explore the Scottish Highlands.