Surviving the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Blog 5 Aug 2015

It’s that time of year again…

  • The population of Edinburgh triples
  • You can’t move without accumulating enough flyers to wallpaper your living room
  • If you live in Edinburgh; you need to add on 30 minutes to your commute to work.
  • Bars pop up everywhere and it seems that everything is open all hours

Yep, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is back, but how are you to survive such an event?

Every August, since 1947, from the 7th to the 31st, the largest arts festival in the world takes over the City of Edinburgh, bringing some of the finest comedians, theatre productions and music for everyone to enjoy.  It’s said that in 2014 there were 49,497 performances of 3,193 shows in 299 venues, which for a relatively small city like Edinburgh really boggles the mind.

The way that Edinburgh can fit in this wealth of performances at points is just as creative as some of those performing. You have your staple venues which are used for such a purpose all year round, but then you get University lecture halls, abandoned buildings, outdoor spaces and the occasional toilet. You can never be fully sure about what you are going to find and where it may occur.

You have everything from big names of their respective genres to those who are completely unknown vying for your time and attendance. It can be quite the struggle but it’s an ultimately worthwhile experience to explore, take risks and see if you can find something special to tell your friends and family about.

However, this can have quite the bang on your wallet as some shows aren’t the cheapest so it makes it hard to justify taking the risk on a performer or performance that you have never heard of. This is where the Free Fringe comes in handy, and its presence has only increased over the last few years. You will find a great deal of venues that have several shows on per day that are free to enter, but you are strongly encouraged to pay what you feel the show was worth at the end of the set. This allows you to take a few more shots in the dark with regards to the shows that you see and you never know, it could be the best show that you see in during your visit.

Of course all this hustle and bustle can leave one rather exhausted and a smidge temperamental to the frequent assault on the senses. You could get away from it for a day or two on a Timberbush Tour to the Highlands; it really is for the best for your own sanity and for the safety of others. We do feel it’s the best way to survive the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You can book our tours online, via phone or in person; feel free to pay us a visit at our shop on Castle Hill as it shall be a bit more relaxed than the Royal Mile, just make sure you get there before the Edinburgh Military Tattoo starts...